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  • 200 Web Pages Audited
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  • Your Solo Plan Includes:
  • 5,000 Web Pages Audited
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  • 1 User / Team Member
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  • Your Business Plan Includes:
  • 20,000 Web Pages Audited
  • 100,000 Internal Links Audited
  • 1 Website Project
  • 3 Users / Team Members
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You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.

WebAuditr is a fully GDPR compliant platform.

PAYG with all plans.

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Our PAYG – ‘Pay As You Grow’ pricing plans provide you with the ability to upgrade your account as your business grows without any upfront commitment. Whether you’re just getting started, or are trying to scale your business, we can help.

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  • Add more website projects
  • Add more users and team members
  • Audit more internal links & anchor texts
  • Cancel add-ons anytime

PAYG with all plans.

WebAuditr offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities. To request the discount, sign up for a free account, and contact our billing team with your username and a link to your organisation’s website.

Frequentlty Asked Question

Question and answers about WebAuditr. Looking for help? Contact support for help at [email protected] or visit our full FAQ docs.

What does WebAuditr do?2020-10-16T05:39:09+00:00

WebAuditr is a cloud-based web crawler that analyses your websites internal links and anchor texts.

What is an orphan page?2020-10-16T05:39:48+00:00

Orphan pages are website pages that are not linked to from any another page or posts on your website. These pages are not indexed and cannot be found by search engine or your website visitors.

Will WebAuditr help me rank better in Google?2020-10-16T05:40:27+00:00

We can’t promise that you will rank better in Google just because you start using WebAuditr.  However, a well thought out internal link structure can have a positive impact on your rankings.

What are internal links and it’s benefits?2020-10-16T05:40:48+00:00

Internal links are links that go from one page on your website to a different page on your website. Internal links help establish site architecture, build page authority (PageRank) improve usability, help on-page SEO, optimise crawl budgets & much more.

How do internal links help with SEO?2020-10-16T05:41:19+00:00

Internal links establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to give the most important pages and posts more link value than other, less valuable, pages. So using the right internal linking strategy can boost your SEO!

What can I do with a free account?2020-10-16T05:44:35+00:00

With a free account you get to use all the features, but you will be limited in the number of pages links and anchor text that we audit in the free account. If you want to audit more pages and links, it’s easy to upgrade to a bigger plan.

How do I do an internal link audit?2020-10-16T05:42:57+00:00

With WebAuditr it is simple. Create a free account, add your website URL and WebAuditr will audit all your internal links for you with a click of a button. The audit will display the information in an easy to understand format.

Why should I audit my internal anchor text?2020-10-16T05:43:22+00:00

Anchor text can provide both search engines and users relevant contextual information about the content of the link’s destination. The audit would also highlight any issues with duplicate anchor text issues.

How many internal links per page are optimal?2020-10-16T05:43:47+00:00

It depends. If your internal links are useful for your users, it’s okay to add internal links. There is no limit on the number of internal links you can add to your page. Depending on the length of the post, you could add 2-5 links per post. A rough rule of 100 links to a page seems to be a maximum ‘guide’.

Are external links important for SEO?2020-10-16T05:44:13+00:00

Google has denied that they use external links as a ranking signal. However, citing references and sources, may be a sign of quality of your content.

Experts’ Voice

What experts says about internal links

Internal links help search engines find, index and understand all pages on your site. Internal linking is a must for any site that wants higher rankings.
If you’re looking for an SEO move that can quickly boost the position of your website, then internal linking is the move you want to make.
Google regularly crawls the web for fresh content. If your content is woven together with multiple internal links, crawling will happen a lot faster.
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