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Internal links are an easy win. They are under your control and are the best links that you can build. Start improving your site’s authority and relevance with an SEO friendly internal link building strategy. 

Internal link audit & link hygiene reports

WebAuditr audits every web page and URL on your website to help you understand your current link structure of your website. Adding internal links can help boost your search visibility. 

  • Decrease bounce rates
  • Improve content discovery
  • Improve link flow & safeguard link equity

Discover link opportunities for all on-page links

Make informed decisions when improving your on-page linking structure. Examine the link distribution across your site and implement a strong internal link strategy by checking all links.  

  • Incoming internal links
  • Outgoing internal links
  • Outgoing external links

Uncover and fix duplicate anchor text issues. 

Duplicate anchor texts and irrelevant linking could have a negative impact on your rankings. Our audit will highlight when the same anchor text is used for different pages. 

  • Internal, outgoing & external anchor’s
  • Discover duplicate anchor text issues
  • Visual graph of all anchor text

Get relevant internal link suggestions

Get automated suggestions for linking to relevant content on your website. Don’t like the automated suggestion? No problem – nominate a keyword to get ultra-targeted recommendations.

  • Automated, managed link suggestions
  • Takes the guess work out of internal linking
  • Build SEO proof pages & content clusters

Clean up internal links with a link detox

Broken or redirecting links contribute to poor user experience and can stop search engine crawlers from indexing your pages. Audit your site regularly and fix broken links and reclaim valuable ‘link juice’.

  • Discover and fix broken links
  • Discover and fix redirects & loops
  • Discover crawl depth of pages

Locate and link to your orphaned pages

Orphaned pages = pages with no internal links. Pages with no links can’t be found by visitors or search engines. Adding a few relevant links can fix this.

  • Find all orphaned pages
  • Find page with too many links
  • Get more pages found and indexed

Optimise and future-proof your crawl budget

Make it easy for visitors and search engines to discover your content. Build an internal link structure that helps users and search engines crawl your most important pages first.

  • Fix bad internal link structures
  • Find and fix HTTP errors
  • Update your sitemap

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The Benefits of Internal Links

Internal linking is essential for any website as it helps establish site architecture, distribute page authority and improves user experience.

Improves visitor UX

Improve the user experience (UX) for your visitor by making it easy to discover related content on your website when using relevant & descriptive anchor text and internal links.

Improves page authority

Relevant internal links aid the flow of PageRank around your site. The number of internal links & anchor text to a page is a signal for search engines about the importance of that page.

Decreases bounce rate

Decrease your bounce rate and increase page views by linking to relevant & helpful information on your site. High bounce rates and a low page views indicates a negative user experience.

Improve crawling & indexing 

Poor site structure - pagination and interlinking - can prevent search engines from crawling and indexing your site. Relevant internal links can improve your crawl budget.

Improves website SEO

Without links, your content will not rank! With a solid internal linking strategy, you can show which content is related and which of your articles are the most important and valuable.

Improve internal anchor text

Anchor text is used as a ranking signal to understand link context. Make sure internal link anchor text provides context, and that you use descriptive anchor text for internal links.

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Internal link boots your pages

If you’re looking for an SEO move that can quickly boost the position of your website, then internal linking is the move you want to make.

Adrian Cojocariu

// Marketer & SEO,

Build powerful links in seconds

Internal links help search engines find, index and understand all pages on your site. Internal linking is a must for any site that wants higher rankings.

Thomas Minarik

// Founder,

Actionable Internal link strategy

Google regularly crawls the web for fresh content. If your content is woven together with multiple internal links, crawling will happen a lot faster.

Neil Patel

// Founder,

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